8 ideas to keep your house cool in summer

8 ideas to keep your house cool in summer

Keeping your home cool in summer can be easier than you think. Your home-cooling strategy doesn’t have to revolve around energy-intensive air conditioning. Whether it’s for your indoor or outdoor spaces, these are some heat-friendly and practical building and design tips to consider before the warmer months arrive.

Indoor Tiling

Like outdoor pavers for your outdoor living areas, tiling can bring a classic and elegant look to your indoor spaces. Choosing tiling over carpeting not only has a strong cooling benefit, tiling can also reduce allergy symptoms often caused by animals hairs or other allergens trapped in carpets. Outdoor cladding on your walls can reduce the impact of the sun during the hotter months by deflecting sunlight and acting as a strong barrier between the outdoors and your indoor spaces.

Roof Tiling

Updating your roof tiling can help your home better maintain a steady temperature. Tiled roofs help householders keep cool with its high thermal mass, which helps even out heat temperature fluctuations. Building materials with a high thermal mass actually stores energy and heat so less of it passes through into your house.

Outdoor Spaces

Keep outdoor spaces cool with effective flooring and shelter.

  • Using durable stone pavers in outdoor spaces keep your feet cool in hot weather. If you choose popular materials such as  sandstone pavers, they are a great way to make spaces attractive and clean while making use of natural materials. The lighter shades are also less incline to heat up in hot weather eg. sandstone & travertine.
  • Bring shade and shelter to your barbeque, water, and living spaces with features such as awnings, canvas, architectural sails, large umbrellas, and exterior blinds. These barriers can be erected on a temporary basis.


Ceiling insulation is one of the most effective ways to keep your house effortlessly cool in summer. Insulation acts as a strong barrier against heat flow, keeping you cool in summer and warm in winter. Having your roof insulated can make as much as six degrees difference during the hot or cold months, with the added benefit of massively reducing your warming and heating bills.


Windows can contribute to as much as half of a home’s temperature rise in summer. Effectively shading your windows from outside as well as inside will go a long way in keep your house cool.

  • Plant lots of tall trees around your window areas can bring a natural barrier against excessive heat.
  • Use awnings on windows where the roof doesn’t create a direct barrier against the sun during the day.
  • Window Screens.Window sun screens can function effectively as an alternative to awnings for good sun blockage. These can block out up to 80 per cent or more of sun glare.
  • Verandas and Patios.Shaded verandas and patios can extend the roof area to create shade for windows.
  • Blinds and Curtains. Choose blinds and curtains for their effectiveness in blocking out sun heat.


Ventilation is a great way to reduce the temperature inside your house. Night time ventilation uses the natural temperature cycle to cool down the house. Have a regular practice for opening up windows, leaving interior doors open, and switching ceiling fans to get the air cycle going after sunset.