Bluestone pavers by Nam Thai Son Export

Bluestone pavers by Nam Thai Son Export

What is bluestone?


In terms of lithology, Bluestone is a hard limestone that is derived from sedimentary rocks. This is also known as a result of the accumulation of countless types of maritime shells. Bluestone natural stone is crystallize by the very fine carbone layers that make up the blue color for stone.

According to the research and analysis of the Belgian Building Research Institute (Belgium), the product Bluestone of Vietnam has the high hardness. withstand extreme weather conditions such as negative temperature and low water absorption (0.04%). As a result, this product have various finishes such as craped, flamed, honed, sanded,… It is also suitable for gardens, paths, sidewalks … or outdoor sculpture items.


Why choosing bluestone?


Pavement materials need to be durable, colorful and can reproduce in many shapes and sizes. Today, the sidewalks are paved mainly with natural facing stones such as sanded stone, scraped stone, basalt stone, etc.,

Natural bluestone tiles not only help ensure urban aesthetics, but also ensure high durability, easy cleaning and drainage, do not mold moss causing slippery for people. It also has a good weathering ability that can withstand low water absorption. That’s why it should be suitable for all terrains of the works.

Moreover, natural pavement construction is very easy to create different types of paving, because of the variety of dimensions. For each road arc, we can be select and place stones with suitable size. It is also possible to combine many types of stone, or stones with many different sizes to create a unique pavement.


Natural bluestone by Nam Thai Son Export

Our natural bluestone pavers are available in a huge variety of sizes and surface textures, offering a high level of paver customisation
There are some choices for you: Think an antique bluestone stepper for the pathway to allow planting between the stones, a basalt bluestone surface paver externally to ensure a non-slip finish, and then carry through the same size internally in a honed finish bluestone tile, ending in a soft feel underfoot.

Nam Thai Son Export has an extensive range of bluestone tiles and pavers. Whether you’re looking to replace your old brick paving with bluestone tiles or some other kind of natural stone tile or you’re just looking for new patio pavers, you’ll find great outdoor design ideas at Nam Thai Son Export. Whether you’re looking for new driveway paving, bathroom tile or the kitchen tile, take a look at our products porfolio: Vietnam Bluestone Products


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