Bluestone tiles in Thanh Hoa, Vietnam

Bluestone tiles in Thanh Hoa, Vietnam

The nature brings to Thanh Hoa province of Vietnam lots of precious ressources dedicated to construction and exportation where anywhere have also. These are rocky mountains of thousands years old, with colorful and different colors. All over the land of Thanh Hoa has these stones. Thanks to the human brain and hands, the bluestone tiles in Thanh Hoa are mined and processed into durable time-consuming material and highly aesthetic building materials, such as sanded stone, antique stone, scraped stone and so on. They all come in a variety of shapes and sizes to suit the needs of the people.


Bluestone tiles in Thanh Hoa, Vietnam – the most popular construction material


When the construction in the world develops, the demand for building materials pay much attention. And we have to mention tiles – a product from the current stone. There are many people intereste and use in the country. Not only that, with the quality of durable stone, beautiful patterns, lovely colors with all sizes, Thanh Hoa bluestone tiles are also interested in many countries in the world, such as USA, UK, French, Canada or Japan

To grasp the development trend, the business capacity and the real demand of countries in the world of tiles stone, Nam Thai Son Stone has always paid much attention to foreign partners for many years. Nam Thai Son Stone has invested ceaselessly in investing in mining machinery, stone products, decorative stones, bluestones …. We blow soul into the bluestone tiles in Thanh Hoa, and is the pride of the Vietnamese in the international market.


Why choosing us to supply bluestone tiles?


Nam Thai Son Co., Ltd is one of the few companies dealing in tiles, stone, antique stone, abrasive stone, stone block … in Thanh Hoa, currently stands on the international market and are trusted by international buyers as long-term partners. Understanding the trend of developing construction industries in the world, grasping the international user’s taste, Nam Thai Son Company always knows more about what the international partner needs in the stone products in Thanh Hoa.

Bluestone tiles in Thanh Hoa

Bluestone tiles in Thanh Hoa

Nam Thai Son always strives to bring the best quality products with the most reasonable cost. We serve all all domestic and international partners. Partners of Nam Thai Son are foreigners on a clear rise, especially countries such as USA, French, Japan …


Our principal products

Antique Bluestone

Sanded Bluestone

Scraped Bluestone

Hammered Bluestone

Honed Bluestone

Flamed and Brushed Bluestone

Basalt Bluestone

Other Products


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