Everything about bluestone pavers price

Everything about bluestone pavers price

Pavers are a practical surface for a wide range of outdoor areas, including patios, driveways, pathways and pool surrounds. You may want outdoor paving to extend your outdoor lifestyle, ensure your driveway has a stable base or as a decorative element for your garden path.

Like any home improvement project you want to get a handle on the costs so you can plan your budget, choose your materials and work out who you can afford to hire.

This article will help you make an accurate estimate of how much your outdoor paving is going to cost.

Planning your outdoor paving project

Before you start getting quotes for your outdoor paving project, take the time to work out:

  • What type of pavers would you like?
  • Do you want a pattern?
  • Do you want border pavers?
  • Is your surface level or sloping?
  • What is the most suitable paver for your application, for e.g. if you are paving around a pool you will need a slip resistant surface

If you’re paving a driveway, you will probably be advised to lay a concrete base, even if you’re laying pavers on top of it. If you’re laying a pathway, you might get away with a gravel base and if it’s a patio, you will probably need concrete, but the base won’t need to be as thick as a driveway base.

bluestone pavers price

Everything about bluestone pavers price

What is bluestone?

In terms of lithology, Bluestone Natural stone is a hard limestone that is derived from sedimentary rocks. This is also known as a result of the accumulation of countless types of maritime shells (made up of inorganic bodies of all kinds of animals and plants living in seawater). Bluestone natural stone is crystallize by the very fine carbone layers that make up the blue color for stone.

According to the research and analysis of the Belgian Building Research Institute (Belgium), the product Bluestone of Vietnam has the high hardness, withstand extreme weather conditions such as negative temperature and low water absorption (0.04%). As a result, this product have various finishes such as craped, flamed, honed, sanded,… It is also suitable for gardens, paths, sidewalks … or outdoor sculpture items.


Why you shoud buy the bluestone product from Nam Thai Son Natural Stone Company?

Currently, Nam Thai Son Bluestone has natural stone quarries at Dong Ve Ward, Thanh Hoa City, Thanh Hoa Province with a total reserve of nearly 6,000,000 m3. Every year, Nam Thai Son’s factories can supply 300,000m3 of bluestone for the local and international market. There are many different forms such as antique bluestone, honed bluestone, hammered bluestone,… according to the export quality standards. After nearly 10 years of experience in producing and exporting bluestone, Nam Thai Son Bluestone Company has affirmed the high reputation and high appreciation from many partners, especially professional stone importers in Europe.

How much does bluestone cost?

Compared to other materials, Vietnamese Bluestone has a very reasonable price, mainly because we own the bluestone factories as well as have high technologies and process. Besides, we always have lots of promotion for our customers, especially when you are our loyal customers.

Please contact us via hotline: +84 168.8676.000 or +84 911.836.993. If you wanna know more about our products and our prices. We are ready to serve you with the best quality product!


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