Maintain your cobblestone flooring

Maintain your cobblestone flooring

If it’s a durable floor that requires little maintenance you’re looking for, you can’t go past cobblestones. Cobblestones can withstand virtually any treatment, making them ideal for flooring, driveways, pathways and other high traffic areas. As a dense natural stone limited marking and staining will occur, and cleaning is a relatively simple process.

The suggested method of cleaning cobblestones is to use a pressure hose, which removes any dirt and grime that may have lodged itself within the pores of the stone. Many people, however, prefer to clean their cobblestones with a stiff bristled brush that’s been soaked in bleach water, because not only does this method get the stone clean it also sanitizes the area for children and refreshes the colour.

Whichever method you use, cleaning your stones regularly will have them looking in great condition for a very long time.


One problem you may face after time is the shifting of the foundation of your cobblestones. Should you notice this, reinforce the stones by taking a handful of Mason sand and pour it into the cracks between the cobblestones. Continue until all cracks are filled and then water the entire surface. The water will cause the sand to sink slightly, allowing you to repeat the process. Continue until the sand no longer sinks.

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Oil stains

For cobblestones that have been used for a driveway, oil marks is common. The good news is that we can easily remove it by using a cleaner suitable for stone. Cleaners vary in strength and method, so always read the label before use.

The best way to avoid driveway stains is by sweeping and hosing down your driveway regularly. This will prevent mud from sticking and drying hard.

Another way to avoid visible stains is to look for bluestone cobblestones, which are hard wearing and look extremely effective as part of a rustic theme. Bluestone offers high compressive strength and durability, and helps hide marks caused by dirt and rubber car tyres. The evenness of cobbles can vary depending on the surface you select, with flat options available if you prefer a smoother surface.


When weeds grow between pavers, they can loosen and crack pavers if left unattended. Pull weeds out as soon as you spot them or spray a coat of weedkiller over the cobblestones every so often. You will still need to remove the weeds, but certain chemicals can help to soften the weed, making them easier to pull. If your cobblestones are laid in a common bare foot area, you may prefer to avoid any toxic chemicals which could be irritating to feet.

Cobblestones make a great choice for flooring and are a wonderful asset to have in your home. It brings an old world charm that other floorings don’t and each design is unique. With cobblestone flooring you can often control the budget and fit the design to best suit your style. The uniqueness of each stone and colour lets you highlight your personal tastes.