Natural stone paving – Nam Thai Son Export

Natural stone paving – Nam Thai Son Export

Do you know about natural stone paving?

Today, natural stone is a popular choice for floors in every home style across the globe. This is a type of rock that comes from natural stone quarries. So each stone will produce a product with different colors and striations. That will make the floor become personal, make a personal impression.

Natural stones are various types, each of which will be suitable for each item. Particularly for the floor, Bluestone is popular item for people. Bluestone variety of models such as basalt, grinding smooth, grinding sand, or antique bluestone,… That’s why it’s easy to combine with every style. Before choosing the floor tiles, you should pay attention to the overall color of the house. It should fit totally with the color of the walls and furniture with the stone you choose. The color of the floor tiles should be harmonious with the decoration and interior design. For each floor area, you should consider selecting the sample of bluestone and paving method appropriate. So that when the space or interior of the house must create harmony.


Bluestone Application

The floor is designed by Nam Thai Son’s stone products which combine with modern living room furniture to create a modern neo-classical style. If the room is small and lack of light then you should choose the honed bluestone. You can also combine with the style of brick tiles will create a light contrast in the living room. You can diagonally slice to create the room instead of square tiles in the shape of the room.

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Bluestone combined with office space. Office is simple space, not too brilliant so should not choose materials with colorful designs or colorful. Bluestone floor tiles will give your office a taste of elegant and quiet to inspire while working.

Bluestone flooring incorporates a yellow-tone kitchen space that creates an ideal dining room that feels a sense of peace and well-being and adds to the proximity of family members.

Bathroom, toilet is wet space so bluestone flooring is too reasonable because bluestone is very absorbent and has good slippery texture.


Natural stone paving by Nam Thai Son Export

Our natural bluestone pavers are available in a huge variety of sizes and surface textures, offering a high level of paver customisation. There are some choices for you: Think an antique bluestone stepper for the pathway to allow planting between the stones, a basalt bluestone surface paver externally to ensure a non-slip finish, and then carry through the same size internally in a honed finish bluestone tile, ending in a soft feel underfoot.

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Nam Thai Son Export has an extensive range of bluestone tiles and pavers. Whether you’re looking to replace your old brick paving with bluestone tiles or some other kind of natural stone tile or you’re just looking for new patio pavers, you’ll find great outdoor design ideas at Nam Thai Son Export. Whether you’re looking for new driveway paving, bathroom tile or the kitchen tile, take a look at our products porfolio: Vietnam Bluestone Products