It is right to choose buying bluestone for home and buildings?

It is right to choose buying bluestone for home and buildings?

Bluestone is an unique building material, with an extraordinary range of finishes and looks. Bluestone tiles and pavers are extremely popular in home design, and are featured in some of the world’s most famous homes

Design with Bluestone

Bluestone tiles and pavers are as “natural” as it’s possible to get, and as versatile. The stone is so easy to work that it’s been a favourite of builders since prehistory. Design options are literally limitless. If you’ve got a good designer, just mention the word “bluestone” and you’ll get a lot of interest from a real stone enthusiast.

Consistency and lots of finish – working with a great stone medium

Bluestone is a great practical medium for working with finishes and design, and it has no trouble proving it. The Bluestone finishes range, if you please, includes antique bluestone, sanded bluestonescraped bluestone as well as the honed. All the primary finishes, in any mix you’d like.

Just plain elegant- Bluestone feature floor designs

Bluestone flooring is pretty special, by any standards. It actually improves lighting with an even but muted reflection of natural light.

You can plan big areas, feature floors, tile and colour mixes to your tastes. Bluestone is the stonemason’s joy, and you’ll soon see why as you work with your designs. Each tile is special. The “organic” nature of Bluestone gives the tiles real individuality, with subtle differences and nuances.

Bluestone goes with everything

Bluestone flooring is perfect match for any setting. You can hold kids parties, formal dinners, or have a nice night at home with a fabulous mix of colors and textures at your feet. Add some comfortable furniture, some tasteful rugs or so, and remember: It’s all yours.

About us

Established since 2007, after more than 10 years of construction and development, Nam Thai Son Natural Stone – Processing Company Limited (NAM THAI SON CO,.LTD) is one of the leading manufacturers and exporters of natural stone in Vietnam. With more than 20 business lines in the natural stone industry: Exploiting, shaping and finishing stone; producing natural stone and building materials; exporting bluestone … along with hundreds of various designs, we have provided construction materials for hundreds of transportation projects, industrial and civil construction for both domestic and international market.

With the slogan “Quality – Price – Rate of processing”, Nam Thai Son always brings the best quality products with the most competitive price for customers. Nam Thai Son aims to become “the biggest company in exploiting, processing and exporting natural stone in Vietnam”

Currently, Nam Thai Son Bluestone has natural stone quarries at Dong Ve Ward, Thanh Hoa City, Thanh Hoa Province with a total reserve of nearly 6,000,000 m3. Every year, Nam Thai Son’s factories can supply 300,000m3 of bluestone for the local and international market. Nam Thai Son owns a huge customer network worldwide. We have been presented in most of the provinces in Vietnam as well as over 40 countries and territories. You can see some of the local works from Nam Thai Son’s bluestone here: