Vietnam Bluestone for indoor uses

Vietnam Bluestone for indoor uses

Do you know about Vietnam Bluestone?

In fact, Bluestone is a common name for many different stone types around the world. In the United States, bluestone refers to a type of sandstone quarried on the East Coast. It’s a popular paving material because it brings a beautiful hue to the garden and is suitable for modern as well as rustic styles.

However, Vietnam bluestone material has much more advantages. Bluestone is known as a kind of hard limestone derived from sedimentary stones. According to the research and analysis of the Belgian Building Research Institute (Belgium), Vietnamese bluestone has high hardness, withstand extreme weather conditions such as temperature below zero and water resistance. That’s why Vietnamese bluestone is suitable for garden paths, sidewalks, outdoor sculpture,…

Thanks to its excellent weather resistance, Vietnam bluestone is the preferred material for outdoor applications like pavement, walkways… Moreover, Vietnam bluestone is also the choice of many customers for indoor items such as floor living rooms, kitchens and bathrooms. The diversity of products such as honed surface, antique surface, sanded surfcae and hammered surface can be used for different styles of design.


Bluestone with lots of finishes

It is available in many different finishes of bluestone. This is why many designers, architects, homeowners and contractors love it. Today, we present to you the primary types of bluestone finishes that are currently popular for residential and commercial use:

Vietnam Bluestone antique – an ideal tiles for classic design. It is one of the most well-known products of Nam Thai Son’s customers all around the world

Bluestone honed seems so popular for the kitchen floor where they appreciate a smooth and thin paver finish. Moreover, Vietnam bluestone honed delivers a feeling of deep and sharp look.

Vietnam Bluestone sanded and scraped for outdoor uses because of non-slip characteristics

Otherwise, Nam Thai Son provide also other products made by bluestone according to the customers’ need


Where to Get Natural Bluestone Materials

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